Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's been awile..

So, now that I am disconnected from Facebook I figured I would try to blog again.  So here it goes..
I thought I would post some funny things heard around our house..

The tattle tale'ing begins..
Missy: "Mom, come here! look!"
Me: "Oh no, who threw all these diapers all over the place?!?"
Missy: (pointing to Stella who is across the room) "that girl right there!!!"

and another one..
Missy: (in her whiny voice) "Oh mom! you forgot my hat in the car."
Me: "Well, it is YOUR hat, didn't YOU forget it?"
Missy: "Mom, you were suppose to remember."
Me: "I have so much to remember, why do I have to remember EVERYTHING?"
Missy: "Because that is your job."

hahaha, enough said.

My brother Jimmy and his fiancĂ©e Lauren had an engagement party over the weekend.  We arrive late as usual and upon entering Missy says to me, "Mom, where is Jesus?  Is Jesus going to be at this party?"  I was so taken back I didn't know what to say.  Part of me was happy that Jesus is now a daily discussion, but another part of me wasn't sure how to answer her in front of a tent full of people.  I ended up explaining that He is here but we just can't see Him.  At least for now, that explanation was sufficient.  I am currently trying to read and learn how to explain Jesus to an inquisitive toddler.

and some recent pics...

On the move as usual
Melissa, definitely will be my performing arts star
Oh Stella, what am I going to do with you?
Missy, after a eating the smoothies we made together

A little Christmas, a little late