Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Roe

Aunt Roe with Missy (my sister), Jimmy and me
Aunt Roe, is my Mom's sister and my Godmother.  Her health has been deteriorating but today is her birthday so I am trying to only think of the positives.  Aunt Roe took me to Hawaii when I was twelve.  It was incredible.  Snorkeling, exploring volcanoes, helicopter rides and hula dancing.  I was nervous that I would be so homesick without my Mom and Dad but she made sure we were busy with fun activities everyday.  I miss our phone conversations.  Even though they were extremely long sometimes, she always made me feel great about myself and proud of what I had accomplished.  She also allowed me to drive her white Mustang convertible all over town when I was sixteen.  My friends and I thought we were so cool riding around with the top down with our favorite mix tape in the cassette player.  She is a tough women but always has her heart in the right place.  Happy Birthday Aunt Roe!