Friday, July 3, 2009

Birth Days

Well here it is. July 3rd. As many of you know our little girl was due yesterday but has yet to make an appearance. Today is her Grandpa's (my dad) birthday and I know he would have loved to share it with such a special little girl. But not my daughter. She has no plans to share her birthday. Not with her grandpa and not with this nation. She is very comfy and is not going anywhere for now. It is a shame too. Her Mom-Mom (Monica's mom) has bought her a very cute little forth of July outfit for the parade tomorrow. As of now it looks like if she is ever going to come out and greet the world she will need a little persuasion from the doctors. We are all set to go to the hospital Tuesday evening and get this process rolling. If all goes well her birthday should be 07/08/09. Now my mom will not hesitate to tell you that Mellisa Jane is not to unlike her father in this. I was in no hurry. She would tell you that I was somewhere around 5 weeks late. Of course it was the late 70's and they did things differently then. Today doctors are not as comfortable waiting beyond 41 weeks. I am sure this makes my wife very happy. She has had a rough pregnancy and is ready to let me help carry this baby everywhere we go. I am looking forward to being able to take this job on and be a much more active help to my poor wife who has been working very hard for this baby. Well as the week goes on please keep us in your thoughts. Please check back soon as I think we may have some very cute pics and very exciting news.